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Need More Exposures?

You can now give your car list more exposures by choosing from one of the three choices that we have available for you

Top Ads

Cars Listed under TOP AD is the highest type of listing offered in our website.TOP ADS are located on the top of carsales main listing page. Your listing will appear on top of the BASIC listing. This service is based on first come first serve. Top Ads will supercede Special and Commercial Label

Only 15.00 FJD10.00 FJD / car

Example Top Ad

Add Commercial Label

Cars Listed in this section is suitable for car dealers. The ad will contain a label ('Commercial') and the buyers will be able to clearly see the ads. For dealers who are importing cars, this can be an ideal place to list your cars, The buyers will be able to clearly distinguish between the ads.

Only 10.00 FJD5.00 FJD / car

Example Commercial Add

Add Special Label

This type of ad is suitable for both dealers and public. A special AD can be a price difference. A special AD can be a combination of price and additional features about the car. A special AD can also be suitable for ex-leased vehicles, finance re-possession or simply un-registered vehicles.

Only 10.00 FJD5.00 FJD / car

Example Special Ad